Free sex and real intelligence

Real intelligence gathering is often a tedious business and has very little to do with Free sex double agents and daring shoot outs in the streets with hairs breadth escapes. Most of it is simply acquiring information and making sense of it. This is a lot of brain work, a lot of sitting in meetings work and consuming a lot of coffee kind of work.

Many if not most of your spies aren’t very noticeable for good reason, they don’t want to get caught. Someone that is strikingly handsome or drop dead gorgeous isn’t easy to forget. Just about anyone who spends more than thirty seconds with them could spot them in a line up six years later. That makes them something of a liability. A real spy would just be an ordinary looking person with nothing very remarkable about him. That way he could very easily blend in, and be difficult to spot in a crowd. It flies in the face of the fantastic fiction stories and doesn’t seem very glamorous, but they don’t have to be, and they don’t want to be. The sad truth of the business is that everyone hears about intelligence failures but no one will ever hear about intelligence successes until at least a century has past and no one is left alive who took part. This doesn’t seem like it has a lot of Free sex appeal but again that is why it’s so effective.

While it is true that daring and hair raising events do happen from time to time they are still quite a far cry away from what’s portrayed on the movie screen. There may be a steamy love affairs going on but they are just as likely to be online dating affairs as the in person thing. Whatever it takes to get the information is likely to be used. If the person is among the singles crowd that almost always marks them for a romantic approach since that is where they are vulnerable.

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