Free sex and militant homosexuality

A militant gay lifestyle was considered not only normal but was encouraged. This was not the seemingly live and let live philosophy of what modern sensibilities are comfortable with. This was a mindset of domination and rape and enslavement. This lifestyle would continue for hundreds of years until Roman times saw a public reversal of this ideal.

Under Roman rule in the legions homosexuality was punishable by death. It was still practiced to some extent but it had gone underground and could find no firm support within Roman society. To obtain Free sex by rape in the legions would likely find the perpetrator seeking the Free sex either murdered by his compatriots or else put to death by official decree and punishment. For any Men seeking sexual pleasure with each other it was kept very quiet and discreet. It would remain in the closet. This was largely because Roman society centered around the family and the hearth. It centered around the ability of the Roman family to remain cohesive and all public institutions supported this. This was very different from what was policy in Greek society. It was in fact that the Romans considered the Greeks very libertine and lavish and subject to derisive comments. This entire line of thinking said nothing about the military qualities of gays but rather that It promoted brutality and thuggish behaviors as well as a severe disrespect of any who did not participate in their lifestyle. This said nothing of the contempt with which women were held and this in itself ran counter to the entire concept of family. This then ran counter to Rome and Roman ideals.

For those in the west a new way of life had come and a new empire was born that would rule for hundreds and hundreds of years and give itself as a gift to all the nations who would follow. All throughout history following the Romans there would be nations which sought to emulate them and their achievements.

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