Spartan marriage and free sex

It is interesting to note that the gay lifestyle was promoted even in Spartan marriage. It is know for instance that it was tradition for a Spartan warrior once he had chosen a wife, to march into her home and take her as if he were snatching up a rape victim. The woman’s parents would have dressed her in boys clothes and cut her hair short like a boys. Then the Spartan warrior would essentially rape her and fuck her as if she were a boy, likely doggy style.This would declare his dominance over the boy she pretended to be and thus he would consummate the marriage in hopes she would give him a son. He would then return to his gay Sex life without interruption.

His real Sex and tastes for it would have run to his partners in the barracks where he was expected and in fact encouraged to take up a lover. The wife was only for breeding purposes and keeping of the home, which he seldom actually lived in. This was completely normal at that time in the ancient world and all across the Greek world homosexuality was encouraged and especially practiced militantly among soldiers. There was the sacred bands of warriors who were partnered militarily with their lovers and they had garnered a reputation for being fearsome. It was believed one would chance running far less if the shame of leaving one’s lover to death was present.

Therefore these men faced grave dangers that other men would flee from. They were however finally destroyed by the power of Alexander the Great who came against them early in his career. He lamented that they were brave men, but tragically brave, on the side of the enemy, and not on his own. It was not until the rise of Rome that homosexuality became publicly censured, although still practiced in certain corners. It was also among the first military institutions that forbade the practice on punishment of death.

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