The Thrill of Outdoor Sex

There’s a certain type of person who enjoys fucking outside. It’s certainly not for everyone. A large majority of people don’t even feel comfortable naked with their lovers, let alone being watched by others, whether it’s someone they know or strangers. A sexual exhibitionist is a different type of person. They’re totally confident in themselves. And they use XXX dating sites to find others like them who enjoy disrobing where the grass and trees grow. Or on the balcony. Or in the car. Or the hiking trail. You get the idea. Sex outside. Wherever, whenever. It doesn’t matter, as long as they are naked and fucking in the fresh air.

You would think that only people with perfect bodies would be into this. But you would be very wrong. There’s many people of all shapes and sizes, and all ages, who are perfectly comfortable disrobing in public. They clearly learned long ago that loving yourself was the greatest love of all.

The thrill for these people almost becomes an obsession. The risk of getting caught is so edgy to them. But do they really want to get caught? Probably not. You don’t imagine that they want to go to jail. Or have the public humiliation of a family member or friend having to bail them out over such an offense. And then there’s the possibility that their arrest could make the local paper. No, they probably don’t want a record. It’s probably something where it’s as close to the edge as they can get without going over it. And let’s face it, having sex isn’t going to kill anyone. And these people aren’t pedophiles; they’re not looking to do this in front of kids. It’s an adult thing.

The idea of outdoor sex is certainly exciting. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. To each their own, as they say. If you’re feeling bold, though, XXX dating sites can lead you to your outdoor sex partner.

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