Sex and Secrets

Why is it that we are always so turned on by Sex that needs to be kept a big, dark, secret for some reason or another? That’s easy. It is because it is exciting, it is over the top, and it is either taboo or forbidden, and the naughty little child in all of us gets a kick out of doing something we know that we shouldn’t and that we feel as though we are getting away with.

There is something that is just so exciting and erotic about a secret rendezvous with a new lover. Those few stolen moments of passion that the rest of the world can know nothing about tend to turn us on like nothing else does or can. Afterwards, we return to our lives with a newly relaxed attitude and a big smile on our faces, feeling like we just put something over on someone, or that we are the luckiest person in the world. There is nothing like some danger to get our blood pumping and our pulses racing after all.

So why all of this secrecy? Obviously, in some cases, one or both people may be married or in a serious relationship with someone else that they also care about. In other cases, it may be a forbidden union, sort of like Romeo and Juliet. In still other cases, one of the parties may feel that the other party is not someone that they should be seen in public with for some reason having to do with the society in their particular town.

For some reason, secret sex will always work better than regular sex. It is unfortunate that it shakes out this way, but it seems to be true every single time. The one thing that your longtime mate, partner or spouse can not ever be for you is new and different. Sorry, but there it is, and someone had to say it.

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