The Main Stream

Back before downloads and even video tape we would have to pretty much buy a ticket for a porn movie at a theater that was probably in a seedy part of town. Sure there were 8-millimeter stag films, but they were of such a low quality that they were generally relegated to a bar’s backroom montly showing or for bachelor party viewing. No, for any of us who wanted to see a porno we had to pretty much be seen entering a theater!

Pornographers knew this of course and when they could, when their finances were such or their underworld connections strong enough, they could on occasion make a dirty movie that would cross-over so far into the mainstream, or create enough word-of-mouth that all people would come out to those seedy theaters. A movie celebrities wouldn’t mind being seen attending as the attending would seem to be the super cool thing to do. A movie whose title would actually pass into the lexicon of our modern day.When a movie like a Deep Throat or a Debbie Does Dallas jumped across into our everyday press, were spoken about in naughty whispers on late-night talk shows, had celebrities as fans then the porn makers of the 70’s knew they had hit pay dirt. A movie with that much appeal could play for years and because it was probably produced on a low budget the profit margin was high for the pornographer when a movie hit big.These days there really is no enticement for dirty movie studios to create populist fare.

Porn finds its audience through the download-in many cases an audience that is stealing their porn-and as long as pornographers can reach millions as they can with the net these days that paradigm of years ago, of trying to create a fuck film that creats an across-the-board buzz, is no longer feasible or necessary. All anyone needs now is for the porn to exist on the net and there will be those people who will gravitate to it…and mainly for free.

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