Hollywood Sex

Hollywood has always been a highly sexed town full of attractive young people and plenty of money. It is the perfect situation ripe for scandal. Publicity can made or break anyone, especially in the old Hollywood regime. Innocent and virginal on the screen many actresses were actually Sex kittens looking for good times and plenty of them. Actors that were depicted as family men on the screen and in their made up real lives were known for their sexual conquests secretly had a young man in his bed. Gay and lesbian romances, as well as orgies were common place even as far back as the silent movies.

In fact rape, adultery, alcoholism, drug addiction ,murder and suicide were fairly common occurrences. Some scandals are lesser known than others like Loretta Young’s illegitimate child with Clark Gable. But scandals do make for juicy entertainment like Thelma Todd’s supposed accidental 1935 suicide, she was found “slumped over the steering wheel of her Lincoln Phaeton Touring car.” Thelma’s drank heavily and often passed out so many thought it was an accident but rumors began circulating when reports came out that showed that there was blood at the scene, the actress has a high blood-alcohol content, and clean shoes where as the area outside the car was muddy. Another interesting murder, suicide, death surrounds Thomas Ince a Hollywood producer. Hollywood legend says that William Randolph Hearst shot Thomas Ince in the head by mistake. He really wanted to shoot Charlie Chaplin who he suspected of having an affair with his mistress. But later a footnote appeared in the form of Marion Davis’ secretary Abigail Kinsolving. Abigail claimed that Ince raped her the weekend he died.

Several months later she had a baby, and then mysterious died in car accident near the Hearst ranch. Two bodyguards, employed by Hearst, found her body, along with a suspicious looking suicide note. Her baby, a girl, was conveniently sent to an orphanage supported by Marion Davies. Seems someone might have known too much and they were afraid of the truth getting out. Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle may have been proven innocent by a court of law in the death of a young starlet. But the rumors about the Sex parties and the lewd behavior kept him from working for many years.

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