Sex and phases

Everyone goes through phases with Sex and some are comfortable with it while others are not. This is because these people are not as comfortable with themselves and aren’t as educated. The people that realize that their Sex drive is a thing that changes according to their surroundings and mood and feeling are the ones that can easily weather tough times. It may be that you are working a great deal and your sex drive has gone dormant in some way.

That is because you aren’t getting any pussy and your body has sort of shut that area of the body and mind down for a while. It helps to focus and concentrate and save energy. That is why a person feels tired and sluggish after eating, is because the body is devoting energy to consuming the food and putting it where it needs to go. When there is a need for the cock the body will make sure it’s in good working order as well as can be. When there isn’t any need it diverts energy to other areas. When people realize this they aren’t as prone to worrying and stressing over things. This only makes it worse and when you are stressed and worried you have a more difficult time getting it up. This then causes more stress and so on and it becomes a circular trap. The key to getting out of it is to just remember that the stress can be diverted and gotten rid of, the confidence will return on it’s own and the sex life can continue.

Some people simply act out of hand and they make their matters worse. Try masturbating to get rid of some of the stress. Feel good and let the feeling continue. Then concentrate on whatever problem it is your having and solve it. Bit by bit you’ll see that the problems you thought were overwhelming aren’t so frightening any longer.

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