Sex and fixing it

When you are in any kind of relationship you need to accept responsibility for that relationship in equal measure with that other person. You picked them for a reason and now you are stuck with them. You can of course dissolve the relationship and go elsewhere if you wish but there are consequences for that action. If you have a Sex partner you aren’t satisfied with the worst thing you can do is cheat on them. The second worse is to walk away but it is slightly more responsible and reasonable a solution.

The best solution to having a bad Sex partner is to fix what you have. Take the time to talk to them and really open up honest communication. If they want to be with you then they at least deserve your attention in that area. Take the time to really talk and open up and when you do you can start finding solutions. Determine where the problem lies. If it is with them and the way they look then you’ve got to work on ways to change that. Start a work out and come up with rewards for great successes. If they aren’t wild enough with a fuck then get into the background of why they aren’t. Maybe they want to and you’ve never actually given them a chance.

Sometimes even the simplest things can slip passed you when you aren’t thinking about it. Maybe they are too wild for you? If you like being with them but aren’t quite satisfied with the pussy action then consider possible alternatives to getting them to use it the way you want it. If you are having problems keeping your cock hard then first and foremost look to your confidence. Work on that before you go looking for drugs and a magic pill to fix everything. If it’s worth fixing it’s worth fixing right and working hard for.

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