Play any word association game to say the firs t word they associate with Xxx and you will hear porn. Now the internet has another address the dot Xxx. Dot XXX will join the ranks of .com, .net and .org. Some feel that this was a blessing and that xxx will make the internet a safer place for children to surf. But those in the business of making porn sites suspect that new .xxx Internet domain will only lead to more pornography.

This domain name extension puts porn in the redlight district and makes it easier for service providers to exclude, segregate certain websites. There has been no consideration for those companies that own the .com, .net and .org sites to have a first chance of refusal for urls for their brands. And with some companies having literally thousands of domains the high cost of buying the xxx at $99 per verse the $7 to $10 for a .com url it gets to be a very costly business. Trademarked xxx urls will be over $100. Many believe that .xxx has nothing to do with making the Internet safer for children, that is just and a very good way to get the uneducated public behind a cause. Webmasters know that .xxx is worthless if it isn’t made mandatory. They want the public to know that this is just a money-making initiative and it wont be a solution for families wanting to safe guard their children.

If Xxx is made mandatory in the US, will US webmasters have to give up valuable real estate and will they be compensated. The government isn’t prepared to do that and neither is ICM, the company that created the xxx domains. And how will the US keep foreign countries from creating porn on the dot com sites. Seems that not a lot of thought was put into this and that money upfront, possibly lining the palms of several officials may have made this domain name, which Christian and adult webmaster groups opposed become a reality.

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