Sex and reality

A lot of people see so much that is untrue on television or in books that they get a completely wrong idea about how Sex really happens. There aren’t really any supermen out there who fuck for three days and never stop. There aren’t any people out there who have excellent mind blowing Sex every time. Even for people who have great relationships the sex can sometimes be off.

The most important thing to do is to take it easy and laugh about and be open enough to talk about it. If you are getting some pussy and you get tired then take a break. Be at ease about it and your partner will too. They will more than likely confess to needing a break themselves. When you are both at complete and total ease and your smiling and having a good time then you will remember it as one of the best sessions you had. You will both be satisfied and you’ll think nothing but good of it. That’s what makes a perfect session. The session isn’t perfect because your cock plunged into your girl rapid fire for six hours straight. It was perfect because you satisfied her needs and your own and you laughed and felt closer. That’s what builds a great chemistry and rapport. Once you know the secrets of this then you can enjoy that perfect sex life you read and see about. In the fake world no one gets chafed and no one gets thirsty or hungry or just has an off time. In the real world these things and more happen and you just have to roll with it.

The people that can’t roll with it and don’t laugh about it or communicate about it are the ones that won’t have a great time regardless of what happens. So feel free to stop and get a bite to eat or a drink or just watch a little television. Then get back on the horse and have some more.

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