The Angels

In the beginning of the Christian bible a story is told there of angels coming down to earth to have Free sex humans. These were angels that had broken their vows to watch over and guide humankind but were corrupted for their lust. They desired Free sex with beautiful humans and so broke their vows and became demons. These demons then were responsible for corrupting mankind to such a degree that God destroyed the world through flood. These demons then reappeared later in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

It seems that the desire for cock and pussy aside these demons rejoiced in corrupting men. Some believe that they are also responsible for the advancements that early civilizations acquired. Somehow early civilizations went from living in caves and wandering about with stones and sticks to building the pyramids. Not only did they just pile a bunch of rocks on top of one another they somehow acquired the advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, of architecture and engineering. They gained this knowledge somehow, and the how, is the great mystery. To others it is no mystery at all and it is believed that these sciences were taught to them by these angels who were then worshiped as gods on earth. This could explain the origins of the priest kings of ancient Mesopotamia and the god kings of ancient Egypt.

It is not only in Christian theology that this concept is shared but also in numerous other religions and belief systems. Virtually all across the ancient world there are tales of supernatural beings interacting and having sex with humans and in return for worship share with them advanced sciences and means of doing things. With all the evidence this presents one can only conclude that ancient civilizations either arrived at the same ideas at the same time, or in fact were visited by supernatural beings.

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