So, You Wanna Make A Tape?

It takes more than just the requisite parts to make-love, why wouldn’t then take more than just sporting a cock or a vagina to make a sex tape? First of all, you must realize that you can certainly make a tape, in affect scream in a forest as loud as you want but if there is no one around who cares to see your bed exploits with your significant other or your wreck-room rumblings with your fuck-buddy, then making a tape of your sucking and fucking will be for your eyes only. And this is perfectly fine of course, but with the classic sex tape, leaked or stolen for a mass audience to plunder and discuss, at least one person on the tape in questions needs to be famous to the point that someone other than the couple on the tape wants to see that person naked.

Therefore for most of us it is not a question of can we make a sex tape-yes, most of us can-but should we? If couples are still determined to capture they naughty exploits on tape they should know well that most likely they will be disappointed when they play that tape back. First of all, most of us are not as physically outfitted as a porn star is, certainly very few of us are walking around sporting 8inch cocks or bleached assholes. Very few of us know how to act sexy when an orgasm is upon us and for the most part the sounds, sights and fluids we issue forth in the act are not all that attractive when not filmed correctly or not coming out of the mouths and orifices of people who are trained to arouse with their every utterance or expulsion. And really unless we court a certain amount of fame no one other than people involved in the sex tape are going to care to see it…and after they watch themselves rolling, panting and shooting they might not even care to watch!

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