Sex In Beautiful Places

It would be wonderful if everyone could have sex in the incredible settings where adult videos are taped. The houses that are used are often quite beautiful with magnificent views. Private swimming pools appear to be isolated enough to have sex on the patio and in the hot tub and pool. Most people, even if they are lucky enough to have an inground swimming pool, have neighbors close enough to be able to see into the yard. Sex on beautiful beaches, in gorgeous mountain settings, in public parks and even in cars is common in porn films, but most people can’t get away with having sex in any of those places. Modern technology has caused security cameras to be everywhere, and most people aren’t able to have sex in public places, no matter how much they may want to.

The fear of getting caught having sex can be pretty hot, and having sex in places where there was at least a slight risk of getting caught used to be exciting for some people. Couples used to love having sex in cars, department store dressing rooms and airplane bathrooms. It was a lot of fun to sneak and have sex in places where there was a chance of getting caught. This isn’t exhibitionism. The people involved didn’t want to get caught, but there was a special thrill in knowing there was a chance of it happening.

As technology advances and cameras and computers keep getting smaller and cheaper, we continue to lose some freedoms that we once had. In addition, our society has gotten a lot more litigious over the years, and the possibility of someone suing if they see nudity or sex on their neighbor’s property puts a damper on things. Every time there’s a report on the news about a neighbor suing for smoking or anything else that people once felt they had the right to do in their own homes, it understandably makes people a little more cautious.

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