Though many believe the Amazon’s were among the many myth’s of ancient Greece, there is much to indicate that they were very real. They were supposedly to have come from the steppes of southern Russia, in what was called Scythia and Sarmatia. It is believed that in these tribes of horsemen men and women fought equally as the men would go off campaigning and it then became incumbent upon the women of the tribe to protect the land and possessions and people of the tribe left behind.

When Greek merchant’s, warriors, and other travelers encountered these people they may well have witnessed armed women warriors with no men present. This naturally would lead to the belief that there were in fact no men, and the tribes were a nation of women warriors. It was further believed that in order to procreate and replenish the ranks and keep the tribe from dying out that the women would have Free sex with men of neighboring tribes once a year. They would then kill the men, and the children that were born male would be left to die, and the baby girls raised as amazons. It was believed that they could not be accepted as fully grown women and warriors in the tribe until they had killed a man in battle and were not given the right of Free sex themselves until they had done this. These pieces of historiography are likely embellishments to account for no men present in the tribe. When there is no information people will tend to piece together the missing information with theories and postulations and hearsay.

The fact that during Roman times some women were actually gladiators in the arena only furthered the myths of the Amazon, whether these women were actual amazon’s or not. A woman warrior possessing anything like a wild and exotic appearance would naturally be assumed to be an amazon. There was probably a healthy mix of intimidation and arousal as well among Greek and Roman men who would have had mixed feelings of wanting to fuck the pussy of an Amazon but at the same time defeat her in battle as well.

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