Those wacky S&M adult videos

Yes porn is fantasy but there is some porn that is more truthful then others when it comes to the scenes it is depicting. We inherently realize actors and actresses are going through the motions in adult videos though we do occasionally hope they are truly horny for one another. When it comes to actions of a more specific nature, most notably anything centering round a kink, there are just as many truthful depictions as there are some not so passionate recreations in our adult videos, but the kinkier an audience is the more they can determine a fallacy.

Unless one is a true S&M lover it’s hard to tell the real from the fake. Many an adult video company sets out to make a movie to cater to certain clientele even if they are not really a company well-versed in a certain kind of porn. If enough titles can be sold, or enough downloads clicked for then there is justification for making any and all adult videos even if the action in the movie is not wholly the participants’ cup of tea. Unlike regular triple x fare, S&M practices involve certain rituals, include well-worn patter, have specific props attached to actions and any false recreation of these parts of the whole will make the whole less arousing to the true devotee.

A leather clad dom girl might be an arresting arousing image to some but she is unfortunately cliché. A whip, flogger or paddle landing with no specific purpose, just so the boom operator can catch the snap, crackle and pop will ring false to people who use whips, floggers and paddles on a regular basis. Even specific master/slave scenarios that can be oh-so-very specific to the two people involved will feel scripted to people who live those scenes on a daily basis. True, S&M is as much theater for the people who practice it but it is theater that has a prescribed set of approaches and rules and though personal for each couple a truly astute kink audience will recognize fakery in adult videos in seconds flat.

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