Sex in Greece and Rome

In much of ancient Greece homosexuality, or gay sex was often thought of as the purest form of love. They veritably worshiped the male form in it’s nudity and had a peculiar taste for cock over pussy to such that it even extended to young people. While child abuse was not condoned and was in fact punished, it also had a somewhat different definition than its contemporary counterpart.

During the ancient times it was believed to be the responsibility of adults to teach the young about Sex and this often extended to actually practicing it with them. Much of what we would now consider pedophilia was openly practiced and thought well of. Sex with young boys went with certain rules. It was proper for an older man to take a young boy as his protege in whatever trade was practiced. Part of that apprenticeship also contained a certain affection of the older for the younger and that affection was often Sex with the younger. This wasn’t considered abuse. It was all part of the raising and educating process but any outright cruelty was not condoned and would be punished by society. They were taught that women were primarily for breeding and men were for fun and for love. With that as the rule of the day it could be the norm for a man to have a wife and even love her within the marriage, but it was also well and good should the husband have a male lover on the side as well. In Rome however it was a different story.

The family was considered paramount and homosexuality threatened that family unit and was openly condemned. While in the Greek military it was openly practiced and even encouraged, it warranted a death sentence in the Roman Legions. Curiously among the Romans however was their idea that if a man was giving anal sex he retained his masculinity, even if he was gay, however if he was taking it, he was considered queer and effeminate, and essentially, gay.

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