Body Worship As Foreplay

Sex dating is getting more and more popular with women who are looking for hot sexual encounters but don’t have the time for a big serious relationship at the moment. With the double standard slowly but surely being discarded, women are opening up even more to exploring their sexuality without apology.

They want to expand their horizons and try some new things, and that is good for both men and women. For a woman, there isn’t much that is better than having a man or woman worship her body from head to toe. It’s such a turn on and so sensual to have every inch of her entire body touched and loved and kissed by someone who truly thinks that she is the end all and be all of femininity. It ends up being hours and hours of sensual touching and foreplay, and there are few women that would turn down an opportunity like that. Most women complain that they don’t get enough foreplay, so having someone willingly and happily spend hours on end in such a sensual endeavor would be pretty heavenly. Most straight men should take note of the fact that women often feel that they don’t get enough foreplay.

The best way to get a woman in the mood and have an enthusiastic partner who will want sex more often is to provide her with plenty of foreplay, and if possible, give her more foreplay than she can handle and get her to the point that she’s begging for sex. Tease her until she just can’t take the teasing anymore and is willing to beg for, or maybe demand, sexual satisfaction and release. If a guy can get a woman to that point, she’ll be more willing to have sex more often because she’ll remember that feeling. Most men would never have to complain about not getting enough sex ever again if they would just take the time to drive their lady wild.

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