Fake Orgasms Make Terrible Sex

It is a fact of life that almost all women have a harder time reaching orgasm during penetrative sex. While men seem capable of coming just from any back and forth thrusting motion, women are evolved to need other kinds of stimulation in many cases. Usually they require direct stimulation of the clitoris in order to orgasm. This means that women are going to come less often then men unless steps are taken to care for their pleasure too. Instead of speaking up for their needs, many women choose instead to fake orgasms.

This is a terrible thing for the men involved as well as the women. The men think they are mega sex rock stars and the women are left frustrated in all but their play acting skills, which grow better each time they fuck. Why would anyone stand for this state of affairs? Many women start and then feel stuck, because once they fake once they feel obligated to do it every single time. Meanwhile their men are left clueless. How to break this cycle? Bringing up that one has been faking may not be the best idea, unless done very gently. Instead it may be better to simply open up a conversation. Tell him there are ways he can make you feel better and that will be a good start.

It is better not to start faking ever in the first place. Speak up for one’s sexual needs right at the start of a sex dating relationship. Make sure that he gives her as much pleasure as she gives him or the relationship will be unbalanced from the start. Be aware that this may mean being communicative about something that many are embarrassed to discuss, our sex lives, but if the two of you are going to be together one needs to be able to talk about anything openly and freely without shame or fear of reactions.

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