Cooking Is Hot

Cooking together can be really sexy and fun if both parties are open-minded and creative. Creating something delicious together can be a highly erotic experience that can lead to a night of very exciting sex. Cooking together can lead to some really hot sex with food, kind of like that scene from the movie 9 ½ Weeks.

Plan the menu carefully so that there are lots of tasty ingredients to munch on and feed each other while the meal is being prepared. Also set the table nicely with things that can be used later like candles and roses to give the dinner a special atmosphere. Snuggle up behind her while she’s cutting stuff up and take advantage of the opportunity to play with her fun bits and do a little bit of groping and romancing to get her even more in the mood. Making something that has honey as one of the ingredients will inspire both to drizzle honey on each other and lick it off. Things could get so hot that dinner never even makes it to the table. A fun dessert could be a chocolate fondue with plenty of things to dip into it like strawberries, pound cake and banana chunks. The warm chocolate fondue will also be a lot of fun to play with later in the night. Think about how hot it would be to lay the lady down naked on the dining room table and spread warm chocolate fondue all over her and lick it off. The candles from the table could be used for wax play after dinner.

The roses can be used to scatter rose petals in a hot bath or on the bed to add an even more romantic atmosphere later in the night. With a little planning, making a sexy dinner together can lead to many other interesting activities throughout the night creating an evening both parties will remember for quite some time and look forward to doing again soon.

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