Adult comics

Comics used to be for a younger crowd but these days it’s all about a very grown up readership. Today’s comics often feature a very Adult theme and storyline. There are many sex related comics that follow the storyline of some beautiful heroine fucking her way through issue after issue. Some are for a very comical theme while others are darkly serious and gritty. Comics are today more popular than ever and the industry is booming. It’s always had it’s ups and downs but there are more comics today than at anytime in it’s past.

It’s mostly for an Adult audience because adults are the ones the with money and are more reliable buyers. A lot of amateur writers have gotten into the business and started up their own individual line not associated with any of the bigger names like Marvel or DC. Although those are the tried and true favorites there are quite a few others. Some are for a more cult following and may not be big enough to be recognized by the larger audiences. These may have a lot of very adult themes in them, or they might center on certain sexual genre’s like bondage and domination sex. It might make some type of bondage slut the heroine and the readers follow her trials and challenges. There are all kinds and everyday there are more and more spawned. With the advent of the internet it’s become far easier to get into the business and completely design and create and write the stories of your own personal comic book hero or heroine.

Many of them garner quite an audience and create quite a name for themselves. This is something that was never before possible and especially before the internet. It affords people a creative freedom involving one of their favorite things. The world of comics. If your into comics then you should give things and try, because it’s certain that anyone who’s ever read comics has a hero of their own in the back of their mind.

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