Sex and Roman politics

For the Romans it was considered a worthy political tactic to hold lavish parties to entertain ones guests. This was so that you could have a much better chance of gleaning the political muscle you would need to pass a certain measure or law. What you would do is allegedly have a get together as a sort of business meeting. You would invite your guests and when they arrived you would hold a sort of informal meeting over dinner. Then you would adjourn to a different room that was much more casual and relaxed.

Certain Sex slaves would enter and you and your guests would pleasure yourself and meet all your Sex desires. This might be a very good move especially if you knew the personal tastes of the guests. There might be one or two that preferred gay sex and if you were so inclined you might provide that for them with a male slave. If you knew that they liked pussy of a certain type such as barbarian then you would make sure to have purchased a barbarian girl for that purpose. It was also considered quite acceptable for a man of the house to satisfy himself with a female slave as well as be married. This of course demanded that he be discreet about things as there was a reputation to uphold. It was all about the appearance of a happy and financially solvent family.

Anything else could go but you had to pleasure your cock very discreetly. If the appearance was damaged you could suffer political backlash that would hamper your ability to move up in the food chain. If you were clever and discreet and ambitious you could go far indeed. You would then win the reputation and political muscle you needed to take care of your business. Generally speaking you would move to pass laws that were good for society but also in some way good for you financially.

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