Free sex and Centaurs

The Centaur was a creature of Greek myth supposedly born of a Free sex union between a man and a horse. The root truth behind this myth is very probably the sightings of Scythian horsemen. The Scythian people were a people from the steppes of southern Russia who took horsemanship to masterful levels. They were veritably born in the saddle and served there as warriors until they died. It is believed that Greeks first saw them and at a distance they could very well have appeared as a united, single creature.

It is even quite possible that the Scythian people themselves did not dispel the myth but actively encouraged it as it provided them with a supernatural or super human quality that could easily have put fear and wonder in opponents. The Scythian people were masterfully adept at archery from horseback and this seems to meld perfectly with the ancient Greek accounts of Centaurs being great archers and hunters. The ancient world was one of wonder and mystery, filled with fantastic creatures and science was only at it’s most infantile in stages of growth. People simply didn’t know any better and believed the tales they were told. Then combined with sightings of people so masterful at horsemanship and archery, it is no surprise that they would believe Free sex between a man and horse was the result. It would also see to reason that such a creature would desire to live in wide open expanses of plain and field far from the civilized lands of Greece. The Scythian people were also quite a bit more democratic in that they possessed female warriors as well akin to the amazons.

This too would have caused amazement and talk among Greek soldiers who came from a place where women were used for occasional pussy and made a great fuck buddy but in no way served militarily. These were just a few aspects that would have been thought of as very strange and exotic, mysterious and even frightful.

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