Where’s The Kink?

Kink seems to elude us all, crafty little bugger that it is. Those people into it keep to themselves or enjoy the insular community they court on a site like Fetlife. The vanilla sex couple might hear about spanking, catch something even on late night cable that hints of a scenario they have never, nor will ever try, but usually kink seems so out of their realm of understanding they avoid it in droves. And even though we all have access to a copious amount of naughty material, from the free sex movie to dirty chat to clicking our mouse over any number of naughty websites, really those who are not into kink are pretty much separated from those who are.

To be sure there are lots and lots of sex movies that are about kink, S&M, BDSM any number of fetishes but the sheer percentages favor everyday fucking and sucking in a free porn movie and not so much kink activity. It might be simply that there are less people readily interesting in kink or admitting that they are so therefore dirty movie makers don’t think to specialize so often with this type of movie. It certainly requires a certain approach and porn actors and actresses that know their way around a kinky scene in order to even approach something that has a hint of truth in the depiction.,

It might also be that kinksters like to participate in kink less then watch it and therefore there isn’t such an audience out there for kink in film. While mainstream Hollywood fare occasionally gives us a tickle or layman’s taste to something kinky, for the most part the real kink people among us are out living their kink or trying to find people to live it with and not watching films made poorly about their activities. While we all are interested, to a lesser or greater degree for depictions of sex on film, maybe the kinkster is more of the do-er mentality then the watch-er.

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