Sex and siege craft

Castles have always been expensive to take and break down in a siege, that’s why aggressors have always preferred to use other less violent means if possible. The use of Sex in siege craft has always been one of the more popular methods of getting the doors open. If you can arrange to have a spy inside who might offer some pussy as well as other enticements to come over to the other side then you can save a bundle on resources expended taking it.

In order to besiege a castle one would have to completely surround it as far as there ways to effectively break out or offer it assistance. Then you would have to settle down to a long term wait because actively and aggressively trying to take the walls could be very expensive and bloody in men lost. At the very best the going belief was that one had to outnumber a besieged enemy by three to one odds, at the minimum to stand any realistic chance to take it by force. Then you had to contend with food and pay. If the castle were adequately provisioned you might be in for a very long wait indeed if you were going to try and starve them out. That meant you had to provide food and pay to your own men to last it out, because if not you ran a very real risk of having your own soldiers simply up and leave.

So if by the efforts of a spy inside the walls you could entice someone with the promise of immunity to capture or imprisonment, perhaps some Sex and gold, you could save yourself a lot of trouble. This would naturally enhance your reputation as well and much profit could from this alone. Then there was the threat against any others you came against that having succeeded with spies the first time you might do it a second. This could make you more than a match for any others you came against.

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