Sex and knights

The myth of the tall and Sex starved knight looking for his lady fair with romance in his heart and a hard cock in his armor was just that, a myth. At least most of it was. For starters knights were not that tall. They were actually somewhat short, and few were over six feet tall. They were also far less concerned with love than Sex as love played a very small part in their lives. It is of course certain that there were many who ended up in love with their wives but largely they married for status and land and political reasons.

There were alliances to form and position to be had in the overall affairs of things. Marrying into the right family could easily make one more than a match for a particular rival that threatened. The sense of honor and fair play that has been made so much of actually didn’t apply to anyone but another knight so it was actually perfectly acceptable to simply run down a fleeing peasant and spear them with one’s lance. Sparing a fellow knight also had less to do with a sense of honor and more with a sense of greed as captive knights were frequently ransomed for their release. It’s certainly true that a fellow knight held captive was likely treated well it typically had more to do with a sense of class solidarity and keeping one’s captive in good health in order to receive payment. So the truth was considerably less bright and shiny than the myths and legends have people believe. It’s certainly true that there were likely many good and honorable people who held the title of knight but for every one there were ten more who were far less.

They were upper class of their day and as in all ages the upper class looked to it’s own welfare first before looking after than of anyone beneath them. One had to look to ones’ own good first and then if there were anything less and it would look well upon you, you could afford to be magnanimous.

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