Free sex and Catalina island

When soldiers go to the bars they are often looking for Free sex with local girls because they are beautiful and having Free sex with them is far better than being bored on base. During these pussy chasing events where they are looking to get their cocks sucked they often talk of their experiences on Catalina island. The island is located off the coast of San Diego and is a place of training for US Navy SEALs. Here they go through full scale exercises designed to test the skills that they have learned. They are supposed to infiltrate the beach by sea. It is interesting to note here that the instructors dropping them off in the sea tell them just as they enter the water that the waters off the coast of the island are the worlds most popular mating spot for great white sharks. Then they tell them to swim, fast.

Once the men have infiltrated the island they are supposed to navigate across the land to a place where they set an ambush for an enemy patrol consisting of their instructors. These instructors however have already set an ambush for the trainees. This ambush is never successfully escaped from unless they want you to. Then once you are captured you are given the experience of being a prisoner and interrogated. These interrogations are often as brutal as possibly they can be. This is to teach the trainees exactly what to expect in the hands of the enemy. They are taught to resist the torture but to realize that there are no tough guys that can take it all and not break. They teach you that everyone will break, you just have to know where that point is and stall. Then they teach you how to try and escape as it is necessary and indeed command orders that all elites are to attempt escape if ever captured.

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