Free Sex and African theaters of war

If there is one theater of war wherein sailors actively seek to go back out to sea and have no desire to have Free sex with local girls it is in Africa. The transmission and rampant spread of AIDs alone makes having any kind of Free sex extremely unappealing. No sailor even in his drunkest hours will stick his cock into a diseased pussy regardless of how it looks. This is one place that sailors have no problem missing as a port of call. While there are a few select places on the coasts that sailors will tolerate they will by and large prefer to go to the nearby canary islands controlled by Spain, or they will just wait and go to Spain and the med itself. Most of the places are part of extremely fragile governments and civil wars are always threatening to break out. There are almost none of the regimes that have any kind legitimacy to them at all and most are merely thugs cloaked in revolutionary ardor.

The barbarity that takes place there staggers the imagination and truly free elections or democratic processes are a joke. A man can hold free democratic elections for thirty years and interestingly enough be the same one winning the election every time. This is because corruption is so rampant as to be mind boggling. Absolutely nothing can be done without paying bribes up and down any kind of chain of command. It certainly brings one to pleasant and fond thoughts of colonialism wherein the European powers invaded in small brush wars conquering the local military and establishing them as colonies of the European power. The peace was a lot more stable and the standard of living definitely rose when these powers were allowed to do their work. It poses an interesting question as to whether it is more cruel to allow this daily cruelty and corruption to go on or whether it is better to have a war and kill the thugs and replace them with colonialists.

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