Free sex and women in authority

While it’s true that there are a lot of men that love a submissive woman there is a distinct group of men that love women in authority more. Women in authority represent a greater conquest for guys like these. These guys consider themselves hunters and a strong woman is like a great game of hunting, it’s an opportunity to bring down a bigger score. Nothing says Free sex to these guys than a woman in authority. If she is good looking and in a position like the police or politician, or any other position where she has authority there will probably be a guy around that’s looking for Free sex with her. She’s typically smarter and more cagey, and isn’t easily impressed by the lines a lot of guys throw out, so therefore the bigger the risk, the bigger the gain so the theory goes.

Some guys believe that these women are secretly as submissive as the rest and they just need a strong man to put them in their place. Then they’ll be begging for his cock as meekly as the rest will. There’s different reasons why guys dig women in authority. Some men are weaker themselves and they are more insecure and so they have a need to dominate in order to make themselves feel complete. Other men feel that they are dominant by nature and only look for a dominant female for a companion. They look for an equal. Some guys get off on the idea of getting some pussy with power and it’s the hunt that thrills them more than the actual sex does. It’s a thrill breaking a woman down and getting her to submit to his wiles and charm. For guys like this they are looking for the seduction. They aren’t looking for an equal, they aren’t looking to buoy up an insecurity, they are just looking for the thrill of the hunt. It’s the great game that does it for them.

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