Free Sex and Colonialism

It has become the established school of thought in academia to eschew and deplore colonialism. Colonialism is when a culture of superior technology moves in to an area controlled by one of inferior technology and attempts to colonize. They build a small settlement with the intent to grow and culturally command the area and essentially make it an extension of it’s host country.

Sometimes this involves warfare and violent means while others it is more peaceful and gradual. Most often it is a mix of both depending on the acceptance of the indigenous peoples if there are any. Part of the gradual movement is through Free sex and mating between the cultural invaders and the invaded. It is a typical action of the invaders to try and breed the locals out. They will take from the wives and insert their own culture into that of the locals and through a heavy inter mixture of the two dilute the one with the other.

Free sex is often involved as it both an aggressive means of soft power and also a means of showing respect, co existence and peaceful integration. It also helps that there is a natural curiosity to have sex with natives as they are seen as exotic and intriguing. Wherever there is the exotic and the intriguing there are always tales of huge cocks or witchery or some other sexually related superstition regarding prowess and skill. It’s natural human interest and in the case of colonialism it often helps. Many have argued that colonialism is destructive and brings no good to the local peoples while others argue that while potentially violent in the short run, it nevertheless brings great good in the long run as people are no longer chopping each other up because their grandmothers grandfather belonged to a different tribe. These people argue that a short brutal war may bring centuries of peace behind it as well as prosperity and technological benefits.

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