Asses for Free Sex

Because of its association with elimination, or with homosexuality and the matching cultural condemnation of this genetically natural practice. The ass is a sensitive part of the human body, and men are probably evolved to find them naturally attractive. After all, many animals have sex from behind and though human females are equipped for face to face sex, we still love it doggy style — or maybe we should call it chimpanzee style. Over the centuries, asses have been emphasized in fashion with innovations like the bustle. Though modern cultural notions of beauty may prize an unrealistic thinness, many men actually crave a woman with junk in the trunk, or a bubble butt, or a badonk, or whatever it is being called in the moment. The fact that there are so many words praising when a baby got back shows that this is a much prized part of the feminine anatomy. Those who wish to have truly free sex, liberated from the closed mindedness of our culture, will look to having something involving the ass too.

Many porn stars specialize in anal action. There is a reason for this, because it is not just profitable for them but they enjoy it too. Because of poorly performed anal sex, some people think that it is always painful or only done for the pleasure of the top. But do not doubt that many of the women in ass porn stars are getting off too as much as the men are, or maybe even more thanks to their capability for multiple orgasms. Though men have the prostate to give them anal pleasure, the orifice is highly sensitive on all genders, and when women combine anal stimulation with clitoral stimulation most of them find it to be extremely orgasmic. Men as well, gay or straight, should be encouraged to explore this, not just for pleasure but for the improved health that comes of prostate stimulation.

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