Sex in Fantasy novels

The whole appeal of a fantasy novel is magic, and fantastical races and creatures that populate the world. There are several different genres of fantasy but the one people most associate fantasy with is the high fantasy genre. In the genre the story is typically about the very epic struggle between a smaller underdog force of good against a great and mighty evil. There is always magic involved in some fashion and there are sweeping dramas with characters. There are often Sex scenes in them but they vary in intensity from the only the mild suggestion that it has happened to full blown detailed descriptions of it happening. This all depends on the genre and the intended audience as there are some authors that tend to tell a more deeply involved story than others. For the hard core fantasy reader there are often extremely graphic scenes of fucking and the Sex isn’t spared in any way. The hero is often one of the characters getting the pussy but not always. Naturally the more sex that is involved in the story the closer it is to a sort of fantasy and porn cross over. For the purely fantasy though there is often a middle ground here where the sex is very briefly touched upon before the story moves along.

There is some great sorcerer who has raised an army of undead or demons and is marching upon the cities of good while a rag tag army is hastily thrown together and trained to stand in defense of the land. There are clashes and great battle scenes with wizards and dragons and every other imaginable creature involved. Many times there are court stories involving scheming politicians and assassins skulking about in the shadows. They are matched against brave heroes and kindly but powerful wizards or priests and always the roguish good hearted thief thrown in. Many times there is also the unlikely hero who’s main task is just to be accepted and to achieve some certain status.

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