Sex and the Marines

People don’t often think of the roots of the Marine Corps or it’s beginnings. They might be interested to know that the Marines were once sailors who were the best combatants. They were most typically Navy sharpshooters who would be posted to the highest rigging on a sailing ship when the ship was closing in for combat. They would be posted there so they could snipe at enemy marksmen and cannoneers as well as officers or other important figures.

This way they could foster chaos in the enemies ranks and break up his attack even as his own ship was preparing their attack. There was naturally a great danger to them as they suffered the same treatment from enemy sharpshooters as well as any cannon shot that happened to wreck the rigging and cause them to go down with it if they weren’t killed out right. They were also among the boarders who would cross over to the enemy ship and capture or kill them with sword and pistol. This eventually brought them into a service all their own and the Marine Corps was born. After they were separated in their own service however they still traveled aboard Navy ships and for all intents and purposes basically did the same job they did before, only in a slightly different uniform.

They quickly developed the same Sex drive and reputation for being Sex fiends as had the Navy. While they might talk of having the bigger cocks and getting more pussy than their Navy brethren they never fully separated themselves and to this day still serve as a part of the Department of the Navy. It is a friendly but competitive and rough rivalry the Marines have with the Navy but it is a sibling one, and there has always been and always will be the kinship they share from the same service on the sea.

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