Sex and the oracles

If you wanted to receive wisdom from the temples in some religions in the ancient world it was necessary to help your cause along by having Sex with the priestesses. Some of these were little more than whores with the trappings of religion surrounding them. Having Sex wasn’t always required but it did guarantee that you would at least get a favorable spot in the prayer line as it were for the god or goddesses attention. Sometimes it was believed you could sleep in the temple and hope to be visited by a encounter with some heavenly representative of the god.

You might have some spirit fuck you in your dreams and deliver some sort of oracular pronouncement that would allegedly answer your prayer or question. This advice then was meant to be acted upon. It may be open to interpretation that sometimes these oracles offered advice that could be viewed as beneficial to the temple or the god and so some human alterations to the advice might possibly sneak in. It was of course viewed by the priesthood that anything that helped them naturally helped their god and so whatever alterations they made were for the good. This sort of circular reasoning seemed to work quite well for them as many of these temples grew very rich. It was also interesting to note that many of these actually supported a woman’s right to hold property, although the reasons were less than divine. It was known that many wealthy widows donated property to the various temples and so supporting their right to hold and own more property usually benefited the temple a very great deal. The business of keeping the god in style and luxury was a big one and not least because it happened to keep the priests in that same luxury and style. This practice has been followed all throughout history and is still quite healthy today.

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