Sex and castles

It was better to have the gates of a castle opened by treachery or better still a surrender than to have to lay siege to a castle. For that reason Sex and money were very useful tools in turning this tide. Laying siege was an expensive endeavor in money, time, manpower, but mostly money. Most people think the biggest problem was simply the walls, and while this was true to some extent, ten men would die for every one defender there were other more crucial factors. You had to pay your men and feed them as well as equip them, and they had to last out the siege. These things could literally take years. That was a lot of money, and it was more commonly the tactic to simply wait and starve the enemy if one could rather than risking all on a costly assault. One had hefty options to weigh and consider.

All these problems could be solved however if you could just get a spy inside to either make a deal or deal out some treachery and open the gates and help your force inside. In that situation your force could easily bring the castle s defenders to ruin very quickly. So you went about the spy business and if you could Sex you would. If the contact inside wanted a nice piece of pussy you offered it, or if they wanted a boys ass to screw you offered it, whatever it took. That of course didn’t mean you always had to deliver. If your arrangements were secret enough then no one saw you make the deal, so no one had to see you fulfill the deal. An open castle, a dead spy, and you were living the good life with a brand new conquest under your belt, and a castle at your fingertips. The bottom line was that sieges were a difficult thing at best and at best they were avoided if you could. A pitched battle in the field with chance on equal sides was far better than the alternative.

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