Sex and assassination

In any particular age if you were looking to assassinate a rival of some kind you could not do better than to use free Sex as a means of doing it. Whether your target preferred cock or pussy or both getting someone close to them that offered it, also offered you a relatively simple and effective way of doing it. A person that is perceived to be a Sex interest is often also seen with a slightly lowered guard. It’s a perfectly natural response because the instinct for sex often hijacks any sense of self preservation and plays havoc with it.

In certain cultures like that of the Japanese the Geisha was used extremely effectively. This was because that culture was strongly rooted in honorable conduct and for a samurai lord it was considered beneath him and dishonorable to attack or harm a woman, most especially a Geisha. For this reason they were often used by other samurai to assassinate a rival. In this particular situation even if you knew for certain that this woman had been sent to kill you you could not act against her openly.

You would be forced to either combat her with another Geisha with orders to kill the first, or you hired ninja to defend you, but you yourself could lay no harm upon her under threat of public censure, which would of course demand you commit ritual suicide to wash you clean of your dishonorable conduct. In other cultures there was no such prohibition and the security minded person might well decide to have a suspected assassin killed. For most though they imagined betrayals of their friends and associates, they distrusted strangers and basically saw daggers everywhere, everywhere except their bed chambers, which made it a very attractive place to strike from. Of course the assassination method didn’t always have to be violent, a good poisoning could be even better.

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