Sex and Archery vs crossbows

In medieval times a healthy man among the singles could often find employment as an archer. Archers were very difficult to come by because it took so long to train them, and so the job was consistently open and always sought after. Possessing archers was a necessity but also one that brought a two edged judgment by ones peers. Archers were crucial to victory but also disliked precisely because of it. It was deemed unfair and unsportsmanlike to be able to knock a man down, especially a knight from across the field of battle. It held a certain dishonor to it, although the archers themselves didn’t seem to mind. They were paid none the less and assured job security.

Interestingly enough archers were also often very strong men as it took great strength to bend the English long bow and use it effectively. This meant that a man had to have strong arms as well as the patience and eyesight required to progress in his chosen field if he wanted to be any good. Not just any old person could be an archer. This meant that there was a certain small celebrity attached to a good one and the tales of Robin Hood bore this out. While his nature as an outlaw was well known, his skill with the bow was what truly brought him fame, or infamy as it were. This of course also meant that a good archer could also have his pick of the hottest local pussy as well and enjoy a deal of Sex appeal. This Sex appeal soon began to wane as the crossbow came into use. The crossbow gave it’s user a major boost in penetration even if it lost something in range and reloading time. The biggest advantage though was training. It took minutes to train a man in it’s operation and weeks in accuracy where a good archer literally took a lifetime. This meant that although you were sacrificing something in range and versatility you were gaining a tremendous amount in numbers and pure stopping power.

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