Sex and the globalist agenda

Those involved with preserving their globalist agenda will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Offering Free sex for support is simply the smallest of what they would put up for it. Free sex can be easily had for those interested in gain in exchange for favors.

Whether it is cock or pussy means little as access can be had to virtually anything one would want. The globalist agenda is simply the next step in an ever growing and evolving state of mind. That state of mind is domination and control. It’s a trend of organization that many think the time has come for. The way it has evolved is this. First there were groupings of people into tribes and those tribes became city settlements. Those cities became city states and thus into kingdoms. Kingdoms became empires and empires gave birth to Nations. Now some believe the time has come for the next step in government, the one world government. To do this however they must dismantle and destroy the sovereignty of individual Nations. If they cannot be dismantled by law and international pressures then they must be destroyed by force and brought to heel violently. The United Nations is just such a vehicle for this as it seeks to bring international legality to all nations.

It seeks to force all nations to submit to its rule. While it is true that there are many in the movement who sincerely believe this is best for mankind there are those who simply do not care, because they know that its benefits truly fall only on the few. There will be massive cultural upheavals and there will be wars and racial tensions and it is all exactly what the ruling elites are hoping for. All these things will bring chaos and death and depopulation so that the remaining numbers may be more easily brought into the fold and made docile.

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