Sex and female race car drivers

Most people think that being a female race car driver means that they would be an easy score to have Sex with. This is because they imagine that as they like fast cars, so must they be fast women in a Sex sense as well. This is a big mistake as these women typically have to work very hard just to get the barest recognition in any serious sense. Most of the time they are just used as a sort of symbol for the industry rather that as serious competition by their male counterparts. Thanks to the efforts of a few hard working ladies that attitude has changed and now they are commonly viewed as very legitimate threats to the titles.

Women race car drivers may have a hot ass and may even be on the singles scene but these women are serious hard core competitors who don’t suffer foolishness gladly. Just to even be in the drivers seat of such a vehicle requires a massive amount of control and concentration. These vehicles are monsters of speed on the road and even veteran drivers find it difficult to keep these things on track. It’s no wonder then why so many have unfortunate accidents. Then there is the race itself in which there isn’t just one but many of these things flying around and so that requires double the amount of concentration because you can’t control what the others are doing, and safety becomes paramount. It’s easy for one to lose control and cause a cascade of terrible accidents. That’s why training takes such a long time and it takes an even longer time to even get out in the professional circuit and passed the amateur circuit. This is a serious business that requires dedicated racers and any woman found in such a place must obviously be among the best out there considering all the obstacles that have to be overcome just to get where they are.

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