Sex and Pharmaceuticals

There’s a lot of pharmaceutical drugs out there for Sex enhancement of all kinds. Some are more medical in nature meant to treat a disorder such as impotence while others are for more cosmetic reasons such as increasing the size of a cock and serve little other purpose. These are aimed mainly at people who have more money than confidence and they prey on those who aren’t satisfied with what nature has given them. They fail to realize that it isn’t the size of one’s dick that matters it’s the style the person brings to the Sex that does.

A person who’s creative and ambitious can please a pussy with his tongue if his dick isn’t big enough, he can use toys, he can use a lot of things but one thing he doesn’t use, is some pharmaceutical drug. Some of the drugs and in fact many have a lot of side effects which could make taking them rather counter productive. Would you want to make your dick bigger at the cost of blurry vision or fainting spells? Why would you want to take something for a bigger dick that gives you a headache? Then you take something to get rid of the headache and it gives you a stomach ache. Then you take something to get rid of the stomach ache and it gives you your headache back.

All that’s really needed is a good sense of confidence, some creative thinking and a genuine desire to do the best you can with the equipment nature gave you. Little else is needed and there are even fewer instances where any real drugs are necessary. For impotence one just needs a vacation and not a pill. It’s just that too many people are looking for a silver bullet to make it all better rather than using the sense they were blessed with and working things out the hard way. In the long run the hard way is much easier, than the easy way.

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