Sex and Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was only around seventeen to nineteen years old when she came on to the scene of the Hundred Years War between her home country of France and the enemy, the English army. It was said of her that she claimed to see visions and hear voices and while some say it was the Lord others say it was a medical condition and she suffered from hallucinations and truly saw nothing at all.

The debate will likely rage on for as long as there are people to debate it. In the early twentieth century she was canonized as a Saint officially by the Catholic Church, despite her having been burned at the stake by secular authorities as a witch and a sorceress. During her lifetime she possessed a great deal of charisma and in modern times this has translated into a lot Sex appeal by admirers. It may seem odd to some but there are many men who’d have given their right arms to have Sex with the young lady of France. The truth is that there are probably a few lesbians who wouldn’t have minded getting a piece of her ass either.

Historians say that she was only a figurehead for most of her career while others say she actively participated in the battles and saw combat herself. The truth is very likely that she did in fact see combat because it’s difficult to believe she lead armies from the rear with the charisma and leadership qualities that she was supposed to have had. It is far more likely that she was trained by many of her counsel of knights and that as time went on learned to fight better. It’s also equally likely that being as inexperienced in combat she probably was surrounded by some very vicious and very capable and experienced knights as well. It would have made it difficult to say the least to even get near enough to strike a blow against her.

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