Sex and Wrestling

While there have always been a few female figures in the wrestling scene only in recent decades has the profession really expanded it’s use of them for Sex appeal on a more major scale. There are not only female wrestlers, but managers and cheer leaders as well. The wrestling scene has not only used the dress and physical fitness of the female wrestlers to ramp up the Sex appeal but they’ve also mastered the use of their wrestling possibilities with high flying aerial moves that amaze and offer fleeting glimpses of flesh as well. Many of these female wrestlers have also taken their fame outside the ring in pictorials and other magazine expose’s.

Naturally this only benefits the wrestling scene so they often times don’t mind at all. Some of the more risque wrestlers have gone so far as to put out their own amateur sex tapes to showcase their other physical abilities. Most of these have failed to bring the notoriety they were aiming for and sort of flopped. Much of this is due to the quality of the tape. It’s a surprise to many just how difficult it really is to make a good looking sex tape with great angles on the fucking with proper lighting and everything else that goes into making one. It leaves one with no doubt that it actually takes a pretty professional film crew to put together a good sex tape. Along with these have come books too about the wrestling world and that actor or actresses experiences in it. These have brought a lot of understanding on how the industry really works and of course everyone likes an inside scoop on what goes on back in the locker rooms as well. These only enhance the image of the wrestling scene as well as that of the wrestlers themselves. It can also help recruit new talent and finding hot blooded beautiful women to join up is always a very welcome thing for the scouts.

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