Sex and pocket pistols

One of the most common misconceptions of gun carrying is that for real defense one has to carry a huge hand cannon like a 44. This isn’t true. There are many pocket pistols which provide a very good defense like the cal tec 380 for instance. It is small and fits in the hand easily and is very lightweight but also provides a good hit as well. Before a woman goes out to purchase a gun or even look for one she needs to think aggressively and as a warrior. She must first decide that she isn’t going to be a victim and that regardless of the situation her mind and her body are her first and foremost weapons.

If she thinks proactively and aggressively she can then take advantage and provide herself with the security that not only comes from carrying a gun, but knowing how to use it effectively. It is better to hit with a 22 pistol than it is to miss with a 44. If you can put the shots where you want them to go it is going to stop the criminal from pursuing his Sex related crime. He isn’t going to be sticking his cock anywhere if a woman can effectively control and dominate the situation to her advantage. Once a woman has decided she is a warrior and she is going to use a gun she then needs to find one that fits comfortably in her hand and makes her feel comfortable with the weapon. It isn’t going to do any good if she can’t physically handle the weapon she has. She has to be able to control it’s action and control it’s recoil. She has to become as comfortable and familiar with the weapon as she is with her make up case. Then she can be sure that her singles life will be safe and secure and empowering not only to herself but other women as well. When you cease thinking like a victim and start thinking like a warrior then you are truly on your way to security and confidence.

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