What We’ll Put Up With

Even if the free porn videos we see are pirated-and they usually are-in the getting of them, watching them for free, downloading them to our whims, we create a certain expectation, not so much for what the movie has to show but for what we will put up with. Knowing the next free porn video is right under our mouse just a click way, we simply don’t spend all that much time on any one movie and look for that which is going to satiate us quickly; the net is all about getting-off quick.

Now whether this shift in our sensibility affects the makers of porn, men and women who reluctantly submit to the fact that much of their product is being seen for free, it would be too hard to tell. But as with everything else, the porn market place and specifically the free porn market place has to dictate, at least to a small degree the content of free porn videos.

But do our adult stars and directors, film companies and producers know what we won’t and might put up with? Are they smart enough to realize that our attention spans are so truncated, that we want what we want when we want it and have no patience for an alternative, nor will we much wait beyond the time it takes for a high-speed Internet download? Do they then feed us exactly what we will put up with?

If this is truly the case these days due to the influence of and on free porn videos that we have to simply assume all innovation has come to a grinding halt. For the critics of porn, legislatures and theologians who have been working towards the demise of porn this is good new indeed, because when there is a cessation of innovation, when viewers eschew anything interesting, new or challenging in porn or any media, that then media dies a slow death.

We might not be putting up with too much in our free porn videos, but we might not be getting all that much either

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