It Is What We Get For Free

There is a difference between free porn movies and one’s we have to pay for and it shows in more ways than the fact that we pay for one and not the other.

Porn movie companies are well aware of the shift in the economic viability of their product. Not exactly wanting to come out to bite the hand that feeds, all dirty movie makers are looking for new ways to monetize their movies when they know quite well so much of what they put out is pirated and not making money for them as it is. With this in mind a division was created with the product that appears on DVD’s consumers have to pay for-and discs that are therefore protected from downloading-and those free porn movies everyone simply expects to find.

Not that either type of movie is better or worse than the other really, it’s what our sensibilities have been whittled down to accept from both.

With the quick free download we simply get good dirty movie fare, often times gonzo action, porn clichés. This fucking and sucking is the meat and ‘taters of porn and certainly stuff that will get us off in no time. Usually based on hetero male fantasy, as most porn is, for the most part the porn pirated off the net or just made for the net is pretty basic stuff.

The DVD’s companies produce are often times of a high-end quality, parodies and homage and can run the gambit between a big cast of well-known stars to deeply specific fetish material. And it’s not that we can’t get all this through pirated material but it is not as prevalent and therefore not what the audience for free porn movies would even gravitate to seeing as they don’t get it as often.

It becomes a matter of what we expect is what we get but we only get that because we are getting what we expect pretty much for free.

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