Sex and female knights

It’s interesting to note that buried deep within the dusty pages of medieval history there are female knights. The interest in such a subject first came to light when historians noted the feminine form of masculine words denoting knighthood, for instance Chevaleresse.

It was then discovered that there were in fact female knights, and not just a few. There was the Order of the Hatchet which was a military order of knights that required the members to be female. There were several others and upon investigating the records it seems that female knights were not at all as rare a thing as the history books would have you believe. While there may not have been one on every street corner they were by no means considered rare or even uncommon. The Sex appeal that strikes the modern male is probably far above that of the medieval male who probably didn’t attach Sex appeal to such a mundane thing. Accounts such as these inform the modern historian with a sense that woman’s rights and equality was probably far more entrenched and common in the system than is believed by contemporaries.

For instance it is well known that in ancient Rome women could own property, and it is also known that the Church advocated the right of women to inherit and own property. This was largely because many widows would leave their property to the church, and so out of a sense of greed the Church was inadvertently advocating and pushing for woman’s rights. The end result then is that in such cases as these getting some pussy for a hungry cock meant that one quite literally, had to fight for it. It seems that real history tells a very different story in that some women did not go down so easily nor submissively, but played the game as roughly as men did. Perhaps it is the case that the history books need rewriting on such subjects.

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