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While it is scientifically proven that condom use can help to stop the spread of STD’s, no dirty movie company has come out for their official mandatory use in their films. Strange as it might seem to the typical lay-couple who probably use condoms more often than not, what any of us watch in porn movies is bare-back sex usually, copious amounts of body fluids being exchanged, and a good amount of sex acts that are dangerous in the least.

Sure, porn stars are tested all the time, companies keep strict records of who works with who, and the cases reported of diseases spreading or A.I.D.S. detected are a small amount overall, but with all these sex people have on a porn set the odds are just not in the porn performer’s favor for staying clean.

The last thing porn needs is any more reason for critics to be critical, for religious zealots and political opportunists to hate it. But there is no debating how dangerous the spread of STD’s can be to people and the community at large and that the more sex you have-even if it is under controlled conditions, people are tested and for the business of porn-the better one’s chances are of being exposed to disease. The fact though that the porn business has continued to ignore studies and pleas from California-based health advocates and continued to note that their movies will be less popular if condom use is implemented shows a stubbornness hardly ever seen in any other business…especially in the face of the common good.

This condom quandary is not going to be solved anytime soon or if anytime at all. Presently porn movie makers are running so scared over the profit margins due to pirated downloads and all the amateurs getting into the act the very last thing a dirty movie maker is worried about is the big condom question when their very livelihood from dwindling profit margins are on the line. This might be a health issue, and a world- wide health issue at that, but money always comes first and not just in the porn.

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