Free sex and special boat units


The nature and history of the Navy’s special boat units are as interesting and storied as their brothers the SEALs. They were originally created as a companion and support unit to the SEALs and where they go the special boat units go. The special boat unit functions as a gopher and gunner group supporting the actions and missions of the SEALs. Whatever the SEALs need the special boat units get, whenever they need infiltration or exfiltration from a combat zone they call the special boat units. These special boat unit sailors are often called the Navy’s river rats because they excel at riverine patrol and combat actions. They typically use small boats with a cargo capacity for passengers and armaments. They are also typically armed with one or two heavy machine guns with which to provide cover fire for the SEALs. It is an auspicious position to have as the nine one one emergency rescue for Navy SEALs. These special boat unit sailors enjoy a lot of Free sex from local girls as they frequently hang wherever there are SEALs and the elites wouldn’t have it any other way. The Free sex is often a way to help these men cope with the stresses and dangers they experience on an operational basis because relationships can be difficult to maintain. For old school guys they will typically get into a long term commitment because they are tired of playing the fields. These special boat unit sailors often receive a portion of the training that the SEALs receive and while they are not given all of it they are given enough of it to make the formidable men in their own right. They are able to escape and evade enemies to an extent near that of the SEALs and they are taught hand to hand combat and amphibious invasion tactics as well as some close quarters battle tactics.


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