It Suddenly Got Very Free In Here

Ironically, it got cheaper for porn movie makers to produce films, switching as they did from shooting on film to video, but now they are being pushed out by how their viewers can now see free porn movies. In a scenario very much like the inmates now holding the keys to asylum, porn audiences now dictate who makes money, if they make it at all, and not so much by the movies they watch-mostly for free off of downloads-but by what they might still deem worthy of buying on DVD’s, ancillary toys they might purchase or the porn girls they follow. The dirty movie business has been turned upside down by the net and never before has the audience had such control if the industry survives…or if it will at all, all because things are so much free-er these days.

The tug-of-war between porn audience and porn maker is unspoken but very real. At the same time they do not want to alienate their public, porn stars are stuck in the middle and attempt to monetize themselves by branding their name and image in toys, by agreeing to dance a residency at big clubs and appearing at conventions where they sell pictures for ten dollars a pop! Contract stars to independents are always looking for other ways other than starring in movies to make a buck in the face of an ever-changing business.

The actual porn movie companies know they are fighting a loosing battle, losing to the digital medium they consistently want to court; there is just no mistaking the fact that they are losing their buying audience to free porn movies and they are scrambling to try and stop the trend.

For lots of business things suddenly got very free, producers of products and providers of services-not just porn-are changing the way to do what they do to try and survive in the face of a populace that simply grab what they want, for free, with no compunction that they are doing so.

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