For many of us, certainly hetero men, any visual stimulant will be enough. We get-off as well from a half-naked picture as we do a gonzo porn movie. Our lover dressed in something tight or revealing can make us just as crazed as when we pay a cam girl or guy to slowly strip for us. All this free porn we can get off line fuels and feeds our libido but less because it is free then the fact that we can keep the steady stream of visual stimulation coming at us unfettered and varied.

As long as we have eyes to see with we will use them to engage and arouse our brains. First and foremost we are attracted to how the guy or girl of our affection looks. We can built intimacies with them over time, be enveloped in their specific scent, tickled by their touch but it is the eyes-that-have-it for us most when we want to have at someone. Call girls realize this as much as advertisers, male strippers know how to exploit the need to see some skin and girlfriends and boyfriends both attempt to tease and taunt one another with texted pictures. We will not soon tire of the visual to stimulate us even if we are getting so much of it we simply can’t keep up.

This is the very root of the problem porn makers are now facing. After a time they had hoped that all the free porn that was appearing online would simply flood the market and that audiences would not as much stop wanting porn but might crave something with a little bit more whit and ache for the production values porn companies could only afford if they sold DVD’s never put up for download. But what dirty movie makers did not count on, or maybe ignored, was that the audience’s craving for the stimulating moving and still image was so important that that audience would take to free porn from any source and of any quality.

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